PMAI offers an online Medical Acupuncture Courses for students in the USA and abroad. We use a case based approach so that our students can learn and gain more experience in clinical practice.

Because students who perform the treatment in the clinic or hospital under the supervision of a Licensed Medical Acupuncturist would benefit from the knowledge they can apply to their patients after finishing the course. Thus, PMAI is committed to the achievement of their students and value of their tuition.




We offer consultation in implementing Medical Acupuncture Services to your private practice including, creating a business plan, calculating the return on investment (ROI) for your practice as well as tips on marketing, billing insurance and growing your acupuncture practice.

If you have done our course and completed your certification but want to implement it right away, Contact US for a consultation.




PMAI set up a web seminar for Medical Acupuncture for Therapists and for Medical Students who want to learn about acupuncture. This web seminar should be booked in our booking  or contact us section.

Medical Practitioners

PMAI set up web conferencing to groups of doctors anywhere in the world. PMAI professionally prepares the topics for acupuncture suited to your needs. Our Licensed Medical Acupuncture will assist your needs in this event.

Medical Students

PMAI set up a web conference for students who are attending the online course with us. PMAI’s medical professors will teach the students and prepare the lessons for this event. Students will be online and should interact with Licensed Medical Acupuncture. 




You can book your appointment with us for getting consultation, medical acupuncture treatment or acupuncture training at PMAI website.

At PMAI, you're special to us that is why we value your presence. 




PMAI staff treats patients either in the hospital or in a clinic. PMAI's Licensed Medical Acupuncturist treat patients that are needed inpatient care.

Usually, PMAI's treatment of the patient is in the clinic as most equipment are in this place. PMAI extend the treatment in another place if necessary as our main goal is the safety of the patient.





PMAI is also extending our treatment to our patients in where they are comfortable. Our Licensed Medical Acupuncturist can treat the patients in their place or at home.

Moreover PMAI can treat the patient in mobility, we can arrange an accomodation where do you want to treat for the particular. We provide the best options to treat our patients on their preferences.